The truth and misunderstanding of food safety--Food additives

1. There will be no acute poisoning reaction when eating food additives within the limit.
2. Long-term consumption of food additives within the limit will not cause teratogenic, carcinogenic, and affect the growth of the next generation.
3. There is no need to panic if you eat food with excessive food additives at one time, and there is generally no health risk. This point may be difficult for ordinary people to understand. Here is an explanation: when the daily allowable intake is allowed, the maximum non-effect dose is divided by a safety factor of 100, which reduces the dose to one percent of the original. For specific food additives, considering the consumption of different foods, the maximum allowable use limit in a certain food will be less than its ADI value, so the final normal dose will also be less than the maximum allowable intake. With two protections, it can be said that there will be no health risks if one of the foods with excessive use of food additives is consumed at a time.
Food additives are not as terrible as the media and WeChat Moments say. In fact, they are a kind of substance that makes our food more delicious, more beautiful and safer at the same time under a reasonable limit. We are buying food. When you refuse to buy Sanwu Foods and products from small workshops, you can ensure that the food additives in them will not bring risks to our health and enjoy the happiness that the modern food industry brings to our taste buds. Feel. At the same time, instead of paying attention to the negligible risks of food additives, we should pay more attention to the nutrition label on the food, and think about our excessive intake of sugar, fat, and salt, and insufficient intake of vitamins and dietary fiber. , Tobacco and alcohol betel nuts are not out of the mouth, and the health risks brought by staying indoors without exercising are the main factors that really affect our health.